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What can IDM do for you?


Are you/your institution interested in the current (particularly political) situation in the countries of the Danube region, Central Europe and Southeast Europe? If so, we would like to invite you to benefit from our broad field of activities. Benefit from our know-how and our broad range of activities for your concerns!

The IDM offers:

• event management
• access to information
• access to contacts, speakers or partners in Austria and abroad
• performance of studies and research
• organisation of trips and excursions

Event Management
The Institute has years of know-how as an events coordinator. As your collaborative partner, we will help you with the organization of theme-related conventions and seminars or will organize information events for you.

Educational Events
Make use of our educational offer (post-graduate studies, summer schools, workshops)! Qualified international scientists and practitioners convey comprehensive know-how regarding Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

You can keep yourself informed about current developments on a regular basis through the purchase of our publications , by visiting our homepage (www.idm.at) and through the use of our Central European journal reading room.

Providing Contacts Domestically and Abroad
Are you looking for guest speakers or other contacts? Our network that has been compiled over the course of years and our comprehensive database of addresses and other information are available to you at any time.

Studies and Research
Commission us with studies or research projects regarding current Central European topics that are of interest to you!

Trips and Excursions
Take advantage of our travel offers and get first-hand knowledge of the countries in the Danube region and Central Europe! We also organize excursions especially for you.


IDM's main fields of activities:
  • Facilitator and clearinghouse
  • Groundwork
  • PR
  • Research
  • Next generation support
  • Educational Activities and Events
  • Corporate services
  • Publications
  • Documentation
Facilitator and clearinghouse
As a gateway and a facilitator institution, the IDM makes an important contribution to cooperation in the fields of research, culture, politics, economics and administration. At the same time, the IDM sees itself as a clearinghouse for concerns of the Danube region and Central and Southeast Europe, supporting the work of embassies, trade missions, cultural institutes and national tourist offices of the countries of the Danube region and Central and Southeast Europe in Austria, as well as the work of Austrian missions to these countries.

Former Austrian vice-chancellor Dr Erhard Busek has been the chairman of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM) since 1995.

As a think tank, the IDM performs basic groundwork for government agencies and institutions in the fields of politics, education, research, culture and business, and supports efforts in the Danube region and Central and Southeast Europe.

PR work
The IDM performs PR work and serves as a lobbyist for the region.

The IDM carries out research projects dealing with current political, sociological, social, economic, cultural and ethnic issues of the countries of the Danube region and Central Europe. The results are publicised by means of events and publications.

Next generation support
The IDM supports recent graduates and young professionals in research and practice.

Educational Activities and Events
In seminars, symposiums, summer schools and the post-graduate programme "Interdisciplinary Balkan Studies Vienna", all with international participation, the IDM also serves as an institute of learning and training. In addition, the IDM organises expert meetings, conferences, workshops and lectures. In this context, cooperation with institutions that share the IDM’s goals is of particular significance.

Corporate services
On request, the IDM will organise custom-tailored introductory and advanced seminars for companies (executive briefings).

  • "Der Donauraum" ("The Danube Region") – scientific journal of the Institute (quarterly/price per copy: € 11/subscription: € 38) – Böhlau publishing house, Sachsenplatz 4-6, A-1201 Vienna)
  • "Buchreihe des Instituts für den Donauraum und Mitteleuropa" ("Book Series of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe") – Böhlau publishing house
  • "IDM-Info Sonderhefte" ("IDM Info Special Issues") – Conference publications, EU arguments, cultural guides for Central Europe, regional publications
  • "Das Magazin für den Donauraum und Mitteleuropa" ("The Magazine for the Danube Region and Central Europe") – issues on individual countries
  • "IDM-Studien" ("IDM Studies") – on topical issues
  • "Info Europa" – journal on the enlarged EU (5 issues per year, subscription: € 40, reduced price € 15) with topical supplements
  • "IDM-Info" – newsletter of the Institute including the programme of events (5 issues per year/subscription: € 15/free of charge for members of the Institute)
The IDM maintains a documentation centre and a magazine reading room with specialised publications on current developments in the countries of the Danube region and Central and Southeast Europe. Documentation is supplemented by regular reports provided by country correspondents working for the Institute on a voluntary basis.

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