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Info Europa: Information about the Danube Region and Central Europe
Currently the IDM publication, which boasts a total circulation of approx. 51,000 copies, can be found three times a year enclosed within the daily newspaper “Die Presse”.

Release dates 2020:
April 2nd, October 2nd, December 15th

The publication series "Info Europa" serves to address current issues and to discuss the similarities and differences among developments in the region. The authors, comprised not only of scientists and cultural workers, but also of representatives of politics, education and administration, consistently look beyond national borders and offer solutions. Since the creation of the publication in July 2000 and its first issue in early 2001 (then still under the title "Focus Europe"), the series has developed into a unique chronicle of European history without losing sight of the country-specific features - a publication which is based in Vienna, but finds its home in all of Europe.

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 The current insertion conditions for the thematic issue "Info Europa" can be downloaded here (PDF).(German)

  Subscribing and ordering

 The subscription is available at a price of € 40.

Reduced price for students and researchers: € 15

IDM members receive the magazine for free!

To order a subscription please write to idm@idm.at

  Frequency of publication

Until the end of 2006, the series was published ten times a year. Issues at the time were two-colored - in black and blue - and comprised of 16 pages each.

Today, issues of "Info Europa" are published three times a year in larger volumes and are attached to the daily newspaper "Die Presse". At the heart of the series is the annual "Cultural Guide Central Europe", which includes current reports from the region on cultural initiatives, events and projects.

  Editor-in-chief, editorial office and final editor

from issue no. 3/2018: Mag. (FH) Daniela Neubacher, MA

to issue no. 2/2018: Mag. Annette Höslinger-Finck

Emergence and development

The Chairman of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM), Vice-Chancellor a.D. Dr. Erhard Busek, founded the publication series "Focus Europa" in 2000. In his former role as Commissioner of the Austrian Federal Government for EU Enlargement, Busek intended for the publication to contribute to a positive attitude within the population towards the enlargement of the EU.

Through cooperation with the "Wiener Zeitung” beginning in 2005, the series developed into a publication that effectively promoted publicity. Until 2017, the thematic issue appeared as an insert in the "Wiener Zeitung" and thus appealed to a broad readership. Since 2018, "Info Europa" has been attached to the daily newspaper "Die Presse".

In 2007, "Info Europa" underwent a comprehensive relaunch. This included a new appearance, but more importantly, it included the production of a thematic special supplement, the "Info Europa-Spezial". Due to its success, the special supplement was later issued five times a year as a separate edition in itself.

Beginning in 2016, the "Culture Guide Central Europe" has also been published in the "Info Europa" series. Today, the series continues to constantly evolve.

  Name Change

In 2005, "Focus Europa" was renamed "IDM-fokus europa" in order to avoid confusion with the Austrian magazine "FOCUS". Since issue no.6 / 2005 (July / August) the series has been published under the current title, "Info Europa".

  Download information
With a delay, issues and contributions from "Info Europa" are published online. These do not always correspond entirely to the printed version. Unfortunately, due to the magazine’s change in title, issues published before June 21, 2005 can no longer be accessed online. For these issues, only the tables of contents are available online. We regret that we can no longer offer this service. Further information regarding older issues is available upon request. Erscheinungsform

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