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IDM News   Dienstag, 07 September 2021

“Mitteleuropa Revisited” is now available in five languages

“Mitteleuropa Revisited” is now available in five languages 

The book byDr. Erhard Busek und Dr. Emil Brix, which was originally written in German, has just been published in English by Routledge Publishing House as “Central Europe Revisited - Why Europe’s Future Will Be Decided in the Region” 
The volume explores the role of Central Europe in the 21st century, the importance of the European Union, the significance of a transforming Central Europe for European unity, and what happens when we marginalise Central Europe. The view of the authors is unequivocal: European integration will only succeed when the Central European countries from Poland to North Macedonia, from the Czech Republic to Romania and Moldova, will be seen as being at the heart of Europe. The European Union needs to build more common and fair ground between "old" and "new" member states. According to the authors, any further move towards a "Europe of two speeds" would lead to a break-up of the EU.” (from the book cover) 

For more information on the English edition please visit the website of the publishing house.

Mitteleuropa Revisited jetzt auch auf Englisch

In November 2021 it will also be published in Czech. 
We are looking forward to translations into other languages!

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