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IDM News   Donnerstag, 10 Juni 2021

Erhard Busek among 30 eminent persons recognized for their special contribution to North Macedonia

Erhard Busek among 30 eminent persons recognized for their special contribution to North Macedonia

30 years of North Macedonia

n the occasion of the 30th anniversary of North Macedonia’s independence, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani decided to pay recognition to 30 foreigners for their support and special contribution to country’s development, among them  Dr. Erhard BusekVice-Chancellor A.D. and IDM’s Chairman: 

With this act we give a symbolic recognition of the mark left in the consolidation of our independence, support and assistance in completing the Euro-Atlantic perspective, as well as the strengthening of the multiethnic, multicultural and multiconfessional cohesion of our country and society.


Evaluating their special contribution through the prism of many events and processes that mark important moments in our recent past, development and active involvement as modern and prosperous member of the international community, as well as extraordinary commitment to overcome the obstacles to the important goals set for our foreign policy, and therefore the overall social and economic development, we express our recognition for their contribution to the development of the country”

The list includes EU and NATO high officials, statesmen, diplomats and experts on North Macedonia and the region. Among them is also Dr. Erhard Busek, who acted as Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe in years 2002-2008. 

The complete statement and the list are available here.


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