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IDM News   Freitag, 22 Oktober 2021

IDM launches new media partnership with Fair Observer

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IDM launches new media partnership with Fair Observer

As of today, we are joining forces with the independent media organization and will publish our content on their platform.

"I am happy that we have decided to form this media partnership as it will certainly expand our international audience and reach.", says Sebastian Schäffer, Managing Director of IDM. "As an author, I have been in contact with the team of Fair Observer for several months and I very much appreciated the cooperation. After an exchange with my colleagues at IDM and FO, we decided to add our regional expertise to the global scope of the organization's coverage. I would like to thank Atul Singh, Anna Pivovarchuk and Abul-Hasanat Siddique for being open for our ideas. We are very much looking forward to this new partnership!", Schäffer adds.

Starting from today, you will find IDM expertise, articles, videos and podcasts on the FO website:


Fair Observer aims to inform and educate global citizens of today and tomorrow.
As an independent, nonprofit media organization based in the USA, it engages in citizen journalism and civic education.  

Newly published on Fair Observer:

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October 19, 2021

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October 19, 2021
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