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IDM News   Donnerstag, 22 April 2021

Parliamentary elections in Albania | Panel discussion and briefing

On the 25 April 2021, the new parliament has been elected in Albania. The election was the first one under the new electoral law. The elections were taking place whilst Albania was undergoing a deep reform in the judicial system, which seem to have caused some fatigue amongst its people, as no real results were shared with the public yet. The campaign was a neck-on-neck fight between the ruling Socialist Party, which is in power since 2013, and the Democratic Party, which looked ready and eager to enter again the political arena. Polls were showing a narrowing gap between the two. However, the country witnessed another victory of the Socialist Party led by Edi Rama, which defended its already third mandate in a row. What is already clear is that the new government will have to face the old challenges such as judicial reform, fight against corruption or organised crime.

On this occasion, the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM), in cooperation with the Karl Renner Institute and the Political Academy, organised another panel discussion as part of our traditional series of events on parliamentary elections in our target countries. You can rewatch the discussion on the IDM YouTube channel.

Moreover, a detailed description of the situation around the parliamentary elections was summarized in a written briefing by Edlira Gjoni, Director of the Center for Public Impact in Tirana.

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