European Narratives. – In Search for Common Diversity – Part I

  • Edited by: Sebastian Schäffer
  • Issue: 4/2021

Published at the turn of the year 2021/22, this issue of the scientific journal “Der Donauraum” includes contributions from the participants of the Young Scholar Forum 2020. Forming the first part of a two-part series, authors and participants were invited to explore the diversity of European narratives. Under the editorship of Sebastian Schäffer, early-career researchers from various disciplines address different challenges of the foreign policy relations of the EU and its members as well as questions of religious freedom, digitalization and Europeanization.

“Treating the other respectfully means to have an appreciation for the uniqueness of a culture, while, within the specific cultural and historical framework of each society, applying the same austere standards of judgement. By acknowledging China’s rich history and the differences to Europe’s ideals of good governance, Europe needs to clearly define the scope and limits of cooperation as a union, rather than as single states, hence taking a strong position as a global partner.”

Anneliese Rieger, How to Strengthen Europe’s Global Position with Hegel’s Concept of Recognition

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