FIFUDEM Final Conference: “Functioning democracy in the making”

July 13, 2022
14:00 - 17:00 CEST/CET


Functioning democracy in the making


13 July 2022, 14:00-17:00 CEST

Springer Palace, Tivoligasse 73, 1120 Vienna


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Hate speech and rage in politics area wide-spread phenomenon. We experience parliaments turning into showrooms for political enemies, social media serving as public pillories and protests escalating into violent riots on the streets. While collective impatience for reaching consensus rises, populists offer supposedly quick and simple solutions. Their electoral successes are not only symptoms of weakened democracies. Some even take matters into their own hands by demolishing the pillars of democracy themselves -with the result of establishing a fictional rather than functioning democracy. The upcoming conference presents the findings and activities of the Jean Monnet Project FIFUDEM (2019-2022) and provides a variety of in-depth problem analysis and practical policy recommendations. Following a regional perspective encompassing the countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the project report will share insights into specific political and societal challenges of democratisation and Europeanisation.


Conference Programme

14:00 –14:30 Keynote lecture by Dr. Daniela INGRUBER, Research Lab Democracy and Society in Transition, University for Continuing Education Krems

14:30 –15:00 Final presentation of the FIFUDEM project results

Coffee Break

15:15 –16:45Democracy Talk #5: Let’s talk about anger management!

In previous months, we have organised several expert panels that explore the various weak spotsof “fictional” democracies in Europe. The upcoming fifth and last of our Democracy Talks steers once more away from questions of terminology and theories, and proposes concrete actions for functioning democracies in Europe. Understanding democratic processes as an established form of anger management for societies, the discussion aims to channel people’s frustrations with politics and democratic decision-making processes into constructive proposals for an inclusive and participatory Europe. What causes lie behind the anger? How do we overcome current frustrations and boost the transparency, credibility and accountability of democratic institutions and their decision-makers? Which old and new alliances will be needed for this endeavor and how can a cross-border perspective help? Practitioners from the field of civic education, policy advice and capacity building will discuss actions for the making of functioning democracies. Join the debate!


On the panel:

Daniel MARTÍNEK, Research Associateat the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM)

Dobrena PETROVA, Research & Project Assistantat the Sofia Platform Foundation (Civic Europe) and Project Coordinatorat THE CIVICS Innovation Hub

Thomas PROROK, Managing Director at the KDZ – Centre of Public Administration Research

Moderated by Daniela APAYDIN (IDM)

16:45 –17:00 Concluding Remarks by Sebastian SCHÄFFER, Managing Director of the IDM