Shaping Democratic Resilience in the European Union: The Future of European Democracy in the Eyes of Citizens

November 15, 2023
18:00 - 19:30 CEST/CET

Panel Discussion, Reception & Networking  

Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Am Stadtpark 9, 1030 Wien, SKY 1 (14th floor) 



18:00 – 18:15 Opening Remarks

Friedrich Faulhammer, Chairman of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM)

Paul Pasquali, Executive Director, Group European and Public Affairs, Raiffeisen Bank International

18:15 18:25 Presentation of Report 

Vladislava Gubalova, Senior Fellow, Globsec

18:25 – 19:30 Panel discussion 

Elena Avramovska, Senior Researcher for Democracy, Society and Youth, FES Regional Office for International Cooperation

Helfried Carl, Partner in the Innovation in Politics Institute and Founder of the European Capital of Democracy initiative

Wilhelm Molterer, Chairman of GLOBSEC Board of Directors, former Vice Chancellor and Finance Minister of Austria

Nini Tsiklauri, Writer, Artist and European Activist


19:30 – 21:00  Reception and Networking 


Led by

Sebastian Schäffer, Director, Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM)

Refreshments and snacks will be served after the discussion.  

Democracy, freedom, rule of law, equality and respect for human rights are among the core values of the EU. This panel will look into the concept of democratic resilience, examining the challenges faced by the EU and foremost its member states. It will explore how the EU can strengthen its democratic institutions, policies, and practices to enhance resilience in the face of internal and external disruptions.  

Report “Young Minds, Democratic Horizons: Paving the Way for the EU’s Promising Future Attitudes of Young People from Austria, Greece, Ireland and Slovakia that seeks to gauge the attitudes of the youth towards the fundamental principles of democracy and the future of the EU, will be presented. 

The panel will aims covering the following aspects: 

  1. What are EU-specific democratic challenges?  
  2. What are elements of democratic resilience beyond fighting against disinformation?  
  3. Is the EU responding strongly enough to the threats to the democratic liberal order both internally and externally? 
  4. How can the EU balance the need for resilience with protecting fundamental democratic values and principles? Is the EU Defence of Democracy Package a good response to EU challenges? 


This event is organized in partnership with GLOBSEC and Raiffeisen Bank International, and co-funded by the European Union.


Everyone is welcome to attend! 

Due to high demand, the registration for this event is closed.