In the thematic issue of “Der Donauraum” entitled Falling Walls – Moving Borders – Common House Europe? guest authors from various disciplines present research results and thoughts on challenges of Europe, particularly of the Danube Region. Complementing the interdisciplinary debates during the 16th DRC Summer School in Zagrebth DRC Summer School in Zagreb (2019), articles deal with the sensitive topic of politics of fear, tackle the potentials and risks of East-West mobility of high-skilled workers, analyze the Chinese expansion in Central Eastern Europe as well as they show consequences of the “semi-successful” transformation of the Czech Republic. Furthermore, the brand new thematic issue, edited by Sebastian Schäffer (IDM) and Zoltán Vörös (University of Pécs) discusses innovative ideas for European Governance and suggests a list of recommendations for the Danube Region elaborated by participants of the DRC Summer School.

With contributions of Ljiljana Biškup Mašanović, Erhard Busek, Caroline Hornstein Tomić, Daniel Martínek, Sebastian Schäffer and Zoltán Vörös.
“The danger of peripheralization is evident, if regions are depopulated and if the young and highly skilled continue to leave. But is it unavoidable that high-skilled labor mobility produces winners and losers? Or are there ways to turn high-skilled mobility into a triple win rather than a no-win for all?”Carline Hornstein Tomić, East-West mobility of a high-skilled young generation – chances and obstacles for a triple win

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Titel: Falling Walls – Moving Borders – Common House Europe?
Herausgegeben von: Mag. Sebatian Schäffer, MA; Dr. Zoltán Vörös
Ausgabe: 1-2/2020