Schengen, Romania and the development of the relationship after the Austrian veto

On Sunday Sebastian Schäffer, IDM Managing Director, commented for TVR on Schengen, Romania and the development of the relationship after the Austrian veto.

Austria, citing concerns of an increase in illegal immigration, was against the admission of Romania and Bulgaria, which led to blocking the access of these two countries to Schengen. TVR journalist Diana Dumitraşcu spoke in Vienna with Sebastian Schäffer.

“I think we are mixing Schengen, migration and asylum policy, which are interconnected, but should be viewed as separate items, that have separate repercussions. Keeping Romania and Bulgaria out of the Schengen and letting Croatia in certainly does not contribute to alleviating the situation. European decisions should not be made by a single country. We must not be taken hostage by a single blocking vote on the European level, because it will lead to arise to Euroscepticism, especially, also, I’m afraid in Romania.” said Sebastian Schäffer.

You can watch the whole interview below.