CEE – Central Europe Explained

Episode 35: Education cannot wait. Schooling in the Time of Crisis 
Lana Chubakha & Emma HontebeyrieEpisode 34: Envisioning Ukraine’s Regional Future
Nadija Afanasieva & Sebastian SchäfferEpisode 33: Stakeholders or spectators? Youth inclusion and the post-Covid recovery
Milena Stosic & Malwina TalikEpisode 32: When crossing borders becomes a reality – What role for CEE in the Ukranian refugee crisis
Almina Besic & Daniel Martínek

Episode 31: Imagine there war a war….The power of images of war reporting
Daniela Ingruber & Daniela Apaydin

Episode 30: Empires of Disinformation – Fighting Windmills?
Hana Ćopić & Daniela Apaydin

Episode 29: In Digitalization We Trust! What can CEE and the EU learn from Estonia?
Erika Piirmets & Malwina Talik

Episode 28: Missed opportunity: Covid-19 pandemic as a throwback to the national individualism
Anna Durnová & Daniel Martínek

Episode 27: Financial Recovery: The Common Assesment Framework – assisting public institutions from a national to a local level
Thomas Prorok & Sebastian Schäffer

Episode 26: Healing the Economy: The European Silk Road – cooperation and recovery in CEE
Mario Holzner & Sebastian Schäffer

Episode 25: Universities between Authorization and Autonomy
Michael Ignatieff & Daniela Apaydin

Episode 24: Fair and Green Tourism in the Danube Region: The Amazon of Europe Bike Trail 
Urška Dolinar & Emma Hontebeyrie

Episode 23: Democratic Emergency. Autocratic side-effects of the pandemic
Zsuzsanna Végh & Daniel Martínek

Episode 22: Serbia and its vaccination strategy
 – the game of geopolitics and disinformation
Vuk Velebit & Emma Hontebeyrie

Episode 21: European integration in times of a global pandemic
Michael Gehler & Sebastian Schäffer

Trailer: Introducing CEE 2.0

Episode 20: Looking beyond
Johannes Hahn & Sebastian Schäffer

Episode 19: Brexit. A Mess in the Institutional EU Framework?
Danielle Piatkiewicz & Daniel Martinek

Episode 18: The EU: a Moving System
Goran Svilanović & Emma Hontebeyrie

Episode 17: New and Old Players in the Game: USA
Dardis MacNamee & Emma Hontebeyrie

Episode 16: New and Old Players in the Game: China
Ivana Karásková & Malwina Talik

Episode 15: United in Diversity. An East-West Dychotomy?
Vladislava Gubalova & Sebastian Schäffer

Episode 14: Before and after joining the EU (II)
Wojciech Przybylski & Malwina Talik

Episode 13: Before and after joining the EU (I)
Vít Dostál & Daniel Martínek

Episode 12: Global Warming does not have Borders
Kateřina Davidová & Daniela Neubacher

Episode 11: Becoming an EU Member III 
Katalin-Tünde Huber, Ambassador Klaus Wölfer & Sebastian Schäffer

Episode 10: Becoming an EU member II 
Katalin-Tünde Huber, Ambassador Klaus Wölfer & Sebastian SchäfferEpisode 9: Becoming an EU member I
Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu & Sebastian Schäffer

Katka Krejcova & Daniel Martínek

Episode 7: EU to your Home I 
Robert Lichtner & Silvia Nadjivan
Episode 6: European Union and Popular Myths II 
Thomas Diez & Sebastian Schäffer
Episode 5: European Union and Popular Myths I
Thomas Diez & Sebastian Schäffer
Episode 4: Coal and Steel vs. Iron: Lessons for today 
Ambassador Emil Brix & Daniel MartínekEpisode 3: Austria, Visegrád Four, and the Western Balkans II 
Biljana Jovíc & Silvia Nadjivan
Episode 2: Austria, Visegrád Four, and the Western Balkans I 
Márton Ugrósdy & Daniela Neubacher
Episode 1: Central Europe 
Dr. Erhard Busek
 & Sebastian Schäffer

Trailer: Introducing CEE

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