Growing Together or Drifting Apart 

  • Edited by: Friedrich Faulhammer & Sebastian Schäffer
  • Issue: 3-4/2023

This latest edition of Der Donauraum presents the proceedings of the Danube Conference 2022 under the title “Growing Together or Drifting Apart? Regional Contributions to a Continental Struggle”. Introducing this edition, IDM Chairman Friedrich Faulhammer and IDM Director Sebastian Schäffer remark on the success of the Danube Conference 2022 and thank the participants who contributed to this edition. Continuing on the Danube Conference 2022, EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) National Coordinator for Slovakia Michal Blaško discusses the 2021-2022 period and Slovakia’s engagement in the EUSDR, while Harald Stranzl offers his outlook on the EUSDR presidency of Austria in 2023-2024.   

With a wider scope, Nadija Afanasieva, Mykhailo Omelchenko and Sophia Beiter conceptualise a new post-war (Ukraine) security architecture in the region, identifying economic and political tasks for Ukraine, the EU and the US to guarantee the long-term integrity of Ukraine and to contribute to regional and global stability. In their article on Russia’s war in Ukraine and Europe’s changing security order, Ulrich Schneckener and Sebastian Schäffer reflect on different proposals made over the past year and the concept of a European Political Community (EPC) introduced by French President Emmanuel Macron and explore the concept of a Greater European Council (GEC) as a new way forward. Discussing the Working Community of the Danube Regions (ARGE Donauländer), Teresa Stummer provides an overview of the development of the cooperation, from the first steps to the current problems the Working Community is working on, as well as the challenges it faces. Meanwhile, from the International Association for Danube Research (IAD), Gertrud Haidvogl, Jürg Bloesch, Bernd Cyffka, Thomas Hein, Cristina Sandu and Katrin Teubner discuss the history, development and activities of the IAD, which was founded in 1956 to promote cross-border cooperation in river management when the Danube Region was divided by the Iron Curtain. 

With contributions by Friedrich Faulhammer, Sebastian Schäffer, Michal Blaško, Harald Stranzl, Nadija Afanasieva, Mykhailo Omelchenko, Sophia Beiter, Ulrich Schneckener, Teresa Stummer, Gertrud Haidvogl, Jürg Bloesch, Bernd Cyffka, Thomas Hein, Cristina Sandu and Katrin Teubner.  

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