IDM Summer School 2019

16th DRC (Danube Rectors’ Conference)
Summer School on Regional Co-operation

30 June – 7 July 2019

The DRC (Danube Rectors’ Conference) Summer School project was initiated by the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM) and International House Pécs in 2003 to promote regional co-operation among young social scientists. It brings together young scientists and experts in different fields to discuss the ongoing changes, challenges and important aspects affecting the Danube Region. The participants come from different backgrounds and disciplines, which encourages them to widen their horizons and become more aware of the contrasting realities in Central Europe.

The DRC Summer School represents the opportunity to: 

  • Share research results about the Danube region 
  • Discuss the most up-to-date issues of the Danube region and Central and Eastern Europe with leading experts in the field 
  • Present your research and get input from the workshop leaders as well as other participants  
  • Broaden your horizon and knowledge 
  • Meet new people from all around Europe and develop yourself academically 

Experience an unforgettable week in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and make lasting cooperation as well as friendships with an international academic institution.
Workshop topics
1. Collective security or a new cold war?
2. The common European currency – constant crisis management?
3. From “Big Bang” to “Brexit”
4. From homo sovieticus to homo digitalis – successful transformation of the civil society in CEE?

Join our DRC Summer School and receive up-to-date knowledge about the political, economic and social challenges of the Danube Region! 

  • Beginn: Sonntag, 30. Juni 2019 
  • Ende: Sonntag, 07. Juli 2019 
  • Ort: University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia 

Visit the DRC website for more information.