IDMonSite – Sergiu Musteață

April 6, 2020
19:30 - 20:30 MESZ/MEZ

In our next #livestream we will talk about the Republic of #Moldova with one of our long-standing cooperation partners. The small country is facing a potential severe challenge for its health system, which is already underfunded under normal circumstances. As a former Soviet republic and a target country of the #EasternPartnership, both the #EU and the Russian Federation have influenced politics over the last years. In recent times several changes in the government have led to an unclear development of the country’s foreign policy orientation.

We are very much looking forward to talk to Sergiu Musteață, Professor at the History and Geography Faculty, of the „Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University in Chișinău, former vice-president of the Action and Solidarity Party ruled by Maia Sandu and currently at the Stanford University, USA.

We will not only use the possibility to learn more about the current situation in Moldova and the upcoming #presidential #election, but also get a first-hand experience how California is dealing with the #coronavirus #pandemic.
Due to the time difference, the our IDMonSite session via our YouTube channel #IDMVienna will start today at 19:30 CET!