Parliamentary Elections in Montenegro

Juni 1, 2023
10:00 - 11:30 MESZ/MEZ

The upcoming Parliamentary elections in Montenegro will be held on 11 June after a period of political instability and deadlock. President Đukanović, facing a no-confidence vote and a series of political defeats for the government of Dritan Abazović, has decided to dissolve the Parliament and call for snap elections.  

A preview of what can be expected to happen during the upcoming elections has been shown by the Presidential elections occurring at the beginning of April, when Đukanović, the longest-serving leader in Europe, lost his presidential run-off to Jakov Milatović, the former Economy Minister and leader of the pro-European party “Europe Now” (PES!). The presidential elections are likely to influence the outcomes of the parliamentary voting, as the current polls highlight. Milatović has claimed to lead Montenegro into the European Union by the end of his mandate and strengthen ties with Serbia. His party will expectedly support him in his efforts to accomplish the plan. Will Montenegro manage to change its pending position as an EU member? Will the government keep the same position against the current Russian invasion of Ukraine after the elections? What relations will the new government establish with neighbouring countries? 

Experts will discuss the Montenegrin pre-election situation and analyse the possible domestic and regional developments expected under the new government. 

Montenegro parliamentary elections 2023 Programme

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