Parliamentary elections in Poland

Oktober 12, 2023
10:00 - 11:30 MESZ/MEZ

Online panel discussion


The upcoming elections in Poland will determine whether the incumbent Law and Justice (PiS) party will win the unprecedented third term in the Sejm, or the Civic Coalition (KO) will manage to mobilise its electoral base and return as a ruling party again after two PiS-dominated election cycles. The constitutional crisis and democratic decline in the areas of human rights, public institutions and the media over the past eight years does not seem to affect the preferences of the core electorate of the PiS party, which continues to dominate pre-election polls.

Can the PiS party and Civic Platform mobilise undecided voters in their favour? Which smaller party will have the final say in shaping the future coalition? And finally, is it possible to form a majority government or should we rather expect a minority one or even snap elections? Experts discuss the main aspects of the parliamentary elections in Poland, scheduled on 15 October 2023.