IDMonSite/North Macedonia: Pishtar Lutfiu

We will look at the current situation in NorthMacedonia, which has recently gone through a second wave of COVID 19 infections in the country – although the state of emergency has not been extended. Despite all efforts taken by the government many questions remain. Will North Macedonia be able to cope with the economic setbacks caused by the Coronavirus pandemic? What are the consequences for the healthcare sector? Can there be a prognosis for the upcoming elections? Erhard Busek (IDM) will talk with Pishtar Lutfiu, the former Minister of Education and Science of North Macedonia. Lutfiu was the president of “Alpbach Forum Macedonia” and is currently a board member of the “Fund for innovations and technology development” and project coordinator of the research and analytic center “Abdilaqim Ademi”. Beside that he worked as well in the Secretariat for Implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement (SIOFA) in the Government of North Macedonia.