“EU Concern Over Ukraine Is Not Enough” – an op-ed by Sebastian Schäffer for the Fair Observer

Russian troops were unexpectadly deployed on the Ukrainian border which led to further tensions between Ukraine and Russia. The EU reacted by expressing ist concern and reiterating that Moscow must end its military buildup in and close to Ukrainian territory.

What are the underlying reasons for the recent hostilities between both countries? What reaction of the international community is crucial to hinder the conflict from escalating?

“Being concerned is not enough — neither by institutions in Brussels, nor by EU member states. There is a need to be better prepared for certain scenarios. Repeating the same mistakes will be unforgivable for the region and the future of the European Union itself.” states Sebastian Schäffer in his op-ed for Fair Observer.

The whole article “EU Concern Over Ukraine Is Not Enough” is available here.

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