My Danube Story

On the occasion of the IDM’s 70th anniversary, we are looking back at the eventful history of the region, the river and its people – and we wanted to know what the Danube means to you! As part of the challenge #MyDanubeStory, people shared with us their experiences, stories and thoughts, and told us how the fluctuations of history in the Danube Region have touched their life.  

The result is this little book with 16 of the best stories we have received, each telling a unique story about the currents of life along the Danube. The reader can find personal travel reports, as well as stories about the struggles of generations living at the shores of the river. Some date further back into history, taking us behind the Iron Curtain, while others even dare a look to the future of Europe. 

The stories show how diverse the role of the Danube can be in history and in our personal lives. It is sometimes a border that divides, or one  to overcome. It can be a place of longing and escape or a new beginning. Always fluid, continuously flowing, regardless of wars, walls, personal victories and failures. The stories also show that the Danube can unite disparate parts to become one diverse whole. In the future, the Danube will hopefully continue to be just that: a connecting element between lives, friends, generations, peoples and countries – “our Donau, Dunaj, Duna, Dunav, Dunărea, Dunay”. 

Available to order online or at your local bookshop.