The IDM team stands with Ukraine

Russia’s aggression is not just a completely unjustified attack on Ukraine. It is an attack on all of us.

While we fear for the safety of our friends and partners in Ukraine, we have asked, how we can help them:

1️⃣Do not spread rumors or unverified information. Disinformation is part of the warfare.

2️⃣Raise awareness and request immediate action from your political representatives.

3️⃣Consider to #donate to these organisations – an NGO that helps purchasing equipment for the Ukrainian army – an NGO dealing with humanitarian needs of civilians who are suffering from the war

Everyone can help. Here and now❗️

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Further Organisations and possibilities to donate in Vienna/Austria:

Nachbar in Not: Hilfe für die Ukraine

Ukrainische Griechisch-Katholische Kirche St. Barbara


Österreich-Ukrainische Gesselschaft in Wien


Job opportunities for Ukrainians in Vienna