Sebastian Schäffer and Malwina Talik for Fair Observer: Will the France–Germany–Poland “Weimar Triangle” Be Europe’s New Powerhouse?

In the collaborative article, IDM Director Sebastian Schäffer, IDM Research Associate Malwina Talik, and Romain Le Quiniou analyze the resurgence of the France–Germany–Poland „Weimar Triangle“ in European politics. The authors explain how historical context, recent geopolitical shifts such as the Russian war in Ukraine, and domestic politics in each country have influenced the trajectory of this trilateral forum. They argue that while past differences and periods of dormancy have characterized the Weimar Triangle, recent events have sparked a renewed interest and potential for impactful collaboration among the three countries. The authors offer insights into the motivations and expectations of each country involved, highlighting hopes for increased cooperation, security measures, and strategic positioning within the EU. As they explore the format’s challenges and prospects, they underscore the importance of institutionalizing relationships beyond high-level summits to unlock the full potential of this minilateral framework. 

You can read the whole article here.