Hungary as a Trojan Horse of the EU?

Sebastian Schäffer was interviewed by Eurasia Diary about the relation of Hungary with the EU. It is available in Azeri here.

Here are some excerpts in English:

„I don’t think that Viktor Oban is a Trojan horse of the Russian Federation inside the European Union. However, his actions and standpoint towards Ukraine, certainly serve the interest of Vladimir Putin. It is not the first time and it will unfortunately also not be the last time that the Hungarian Prime Minister is blackmailing Brussels. He needs the additional funds, and in order to unfreeze them he will not resort from using such despicable methods. It is politically, but also morally corrupt to try to gain a financial advantage on the backs of the Ukrainians who have been fighting for our freedom and our values and deserve not only the aid package, but also the opening of the negotiations that at least Orban didn’t veto, but he immediately after the decision has been taken (after he left the room as suggested by the German Chancellor) publicly denounced.“