Cross-Border Talks: Sebastian Schäffer about the consequences of the Russian aggression against Ukraine for the EU

Cross-border Talks‘ discussion with Sebastian Schäffer about the changes, which war in Ukraine has already brought to the EU and to its Eastern part.

Discussed topics:

– how is the Poland-Ukraine and Russia-Turkey alignment seen from the position of somebody in the German-speaking world;

– what is the role, which Bulgaria and Romania could play in the new security arrangement in Southeastern Europe; is their position out of Schengen a sign of certain unclarity regarding their geopolitical position;

– what role could the Danube Strategy play for the intensification of the Bulgarian-Romanian relations;

– how should the Turkish ascension as a mediator between „the West“ and „the East“ should be seen and what does it mean for the countries of Southeastern Europe;

– what are the result of German chancellor Olaf Scholz’s visit to China;

– what is path forward for the EU in a world in which Russia is no longer a key economic partner and inderdependence with China might not be advisable;

– what has been changing with regard to Austria’s role in Southeastern Europe after the start of the war in Ukraine.

You can watch the whole interview here: