Regional perspectives on the war in Ukraine

October 24, 2022
15:00 – 18:00 CEST/CET


The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt in cooperation with the Universities of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Coburg and Potsdam as well as the University of Klagenfurt and and the Department of International Social Work of the German Social Work Association are organizing a digital lecture series in the 2022/23 winter semester entitled “No War. Education as a practice of peace”. At the opening event on October 24, IDM Managing Director Sebastian Schäffer gave a lecture on “Regional Perspectives on the War in Ukraine”. He first outlined the current situation in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and tried to classify it historically. He then described the developments in EU-Russia and Ukraine-Russia relations since the collapse of the Soviet Union and opened up possible future scenarios for ways out of the war. Afterwards, he discussed with the numerous participants and answered questions. The other topics and dates of the digital lecture series are noted in the flyer below, free participation is possible without registration.

A publication is also planned afterwards. “War and Conflict. Peacebuilding as a challenge and field of work”, edited by Tanja Kleibl, Caroline Schmitt, Karsten Kiewitt and Ronald Lutz, is to be published by Beltz Verlag, Juventa in 2024.

Sebastian Schäffer


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